First Blog Post!

This is the post excerpt.

Hello, all!

I’m very excited to be starting this blog! It’s the perfect way for me to get back into writing.

I should start this out by introducing myself. My name is Daniel Zuaro, I’m 21-years old, and I live on Long Island. (Look at me, I’m treating this as if this blog is a dating site).

I currently have a B.A. in Media Production from Buffalo State College where I also minored in Film Studies. Through there, I was also a writer and editor for Odyssey. I also took some writing courses while up in Buffalo and it brought back my love for writing. Once I came home, I began to miss writing almost every day about films, current events in the news, narrative stories, or just life in general. And this blog will be just that!

I hope you all enjoy the content that I put on here as much as I enjoyed writing it!