Hello Again!

I made this blog with the intent on writing something almost every week, hell even something every day!

But I found myself procrastinating as always and putting off what I enjoy doing most.

This past summer has been both relaxing and busy. My job as a part of the promotions crew at Connoisseur Media took up some of my time, while the other half consisted of leisurely time with some friends and family.

Now that summer is coming to an end, my job is beginning to slow down with events as the weather will turn colder (winter is coming folks)! I know that a second job is in the works so that I can save more money for loans.

My mental health has been a roller coaster, and that’s definitely hindered my writing process. I’ve been caught up with a lot of over-thinking and many moments of beating myself up because of the amount of stress I received since graduating from college.

The stress of having to find another job to support me, while also balancing the process of wanting to go to grad school, staying healthy, and having a social life has taken its toll, and it’s slowing down any process of bettering myself. Some of this I’ll get into better detail at another time, but it’s almost 12:30am as I am writing this and would like to go to bed soon so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’m going to make it a goal to write on this blog at least once a week. I’ll also set up some little goals for myself to start making my life a bit more positive instead of negative.

So here is to good vibes and positive results! I wish you all the best!

Author: danielzuaro

A young, 21-year old trying to find his place in the world. A graduate of Buffalo State College with a Bachelor's in Media Production with a minor in Film Studies. I also enjoy writing, music, food, and animals (mainly my cats.) Everyone has a story! Mine just consist of me constantly blabbing. Come join me as I talk about subjects of my life and the world around me!

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