Grey On The Outside, Grey On The Inside


It’s a gloomy and rainy day here on Long Island, but my cat Harvey looked very photogenic laying on the window sill. We’ve had him for 10 years and is the most handsome Maine Coon I’ve seen!

My brother and I found him when we were about 12 and 13 respectively at a neighbors house. His mother abandoned him, and we heard him meowing from a cinderblock. He had to be about a week old, ears folded in and eyes that were a deep blue. We ran him to our mom, who is also a big cat lover, and Harvey proceeded to pee in my mother’s lap! From that point on he was ours!

His name comes from two different points of view. My brother named him after the tv character Harvey Birdman from the show Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. I named him after Harvey Milk, after the late politician himself, and coincidentally because when bottle feeding the young kitten, Harvey would hold his milk bottle like a little baby clutching his two front paws on the bottle.

Harvey is the perfect companion and is great for cuddling! He is also very photogenic! I hope other cat lovers who see this can show some love to this handsome Maine Coon!