I Have An Idea!

Lately, I’ve been disgusted with what I’ve seen on the news. And this is something that has grown ever since I began studying media. Who knows? Maybe I’ll just shut off all news and social media once and for all and take off to an uncharted island where I can live with the idea that nothing bad is happening around me and that I can finally live in peace.

Or maybe I’ll keep watching because I love the rush of insanity and anxiety that comes over me when I look into the comments section of a news article and read the comments of people who argue who is right and who is wrong.

So I thought to myself’ “Daniel, what if you avoided all media for a day”? Crazy, but it just might work! I mean, it obviously had to work. The technology wasn’t always as advanced as it is today.

And that leads me to this short little blog of a small project where I will avoid all forms of social media for a day. No news, no social apps. Just me and the fresh air around me. Once that day is up, I will write my results right here on this blog.

Think of this as one of those two-part episodes of your favorite television show. Will I survive? Stay tuned to find out!